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Updated June 17th, 2009


ALERT: TourDatesNow will be undergoing a transformation. We will be transforming this into our new domains ROCKARMYMUSIC.COM & ROCKARMYMUSIC.NET and all info on the site will be directed to publicise and promote all indie, regional and national bands and shows. In the meantime, please read the update below!

Rock Army Music was formally known as Tour Dates. When Tourdates was bought by Launch in 2000, I who had worked for them rebuilt the site under the name Tourdatenow, and more than half the reps followed me to the new site. Due to circumstances, and health issues, I was forced to take a hiatus, and the website was closed down, but not before purchasing the domain RockArmyMusic. I am in the process of rebuilding this site and am currently accepting applications for reps. Please read the details below.
I am looking for people who would like to be Rock Army Music Regional Representatives. These are some of the requirements to be a Regional Representative:

This is an unpaid position for which you are a volunteer, which would not be for everyone. We do not pay for your expenses. If you are still interested, read these facts.

Required Qualifications:

Your Responsibilities Would Include:

If you're still interested, We want to know more about you! Please fill out and submit the application HERE We will contact you with a response email in a few days. Thank you in advance for applying.

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