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Cities That Need Reps

This is only a partial list. Some areas are also large enough to be covered by 2+ reps. If you do not see your city listed, fill out an application and let us know that you are available to cover your city.

Baltimore, MD.
Philadelphia, PA.
Pittsburgh, PA.
Raleigh, NC.
Savannah, GA.
Washington DC.

We except reps from the Virginia area and surrounding areas. If you are not sure whether this includes your area, all you need do is write and ask. It may be your area can be added if you just let us know your out there.

Updated June 17th, 2009

Becoming One Of Our Local Scene Reps

So, you want to be a TourDatesNow Regional Representative
These are some of the requirements to be a Regional Representative:

This is an unpaid position for which you are a volunteer, which would not be for everyone. We do not pay for your expenses.
If you are still interested, read these facts.

  • You will get your own homepage

  • If you have one, you can link to your own music website

  • Networking with bands and clubs in your area

  • Develope a relationship and gain free access to reporting clubs

  • Build your resume in the field of music, journalism, marketing, promotion and the internet.
  • Required Qualifications:

  • Writing experience (you do not need to be published, but this helps)

  • Some knowledge of the music industry

  • Reliable computer access ( we prefer PC's for submitting copy, but Macs are ok)

  • Occasional promotions that may require some of your spare time

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Be personally dependable
  • Your Responsibilities Would Include:

  • Contacting clubs/venues in your area for schedules

  • Maintaining a local scene rep page with a new story every month

  • Reviewing local and national shows in your area

  • Assisting with various regional promotions in your area
  • If you're still interested,
    We want to know more about you!
    Please fill out and submit the Application.
    We will contact you with a response email in a few days.
    Thank you in advance for applying.

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