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YES!! We are up and running again.... TDN is in the process of cleaning up links and other problems that our site may have experienced in the downtime. Altho the site itself was always accessable, our domain name WWW.TOURDATESNOW.COM has not been working for a couple of months, until today (8/20/2002).

Please help us find any broken links, etc.. by contacting us if you find any.

TDN will be supporting mostly the Virginia and surrounding regional area with its new transformation, so be sure to visit often as this takes place, and help us make it happen. We expect that shortly, the 100+ people a day we had before the downtime, will soon pick up numbers again. We would love to have you the public, and your bands be a part of us when the numbers begin to rise once again!

Don't forget, we need writers, reporters, photograghers, and experienced HTMLers, to help make this happen. Contact us, you can use the join form on the Application Page even tho it states that is for local reps to join (same thing). Just be sure to specify what area and position (photo, writer, etc.) you wish to be involved in. Looking forward to hearing from you all.....

Don't forget the message and forum boards. Altho much of those areas will be upgraded, it should not effect the boards. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN TOGETHER!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!