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  • Cleveland OH. Local Scene


    In the early 50's Cleveland DJ Alan Freed coined the phrase "Rock and Roll." In 1979 Ian Hunter said, "Cleveland Rocks." And in 1995 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened with a seven hour show at the now demolished Municipal Stadium.

    Cleveland also has the INDIANS,the Browns, the Cavaliers, the Rockers, the Crunch, and the Lumberjacks. Something for everyone, including music...

    Deep Purple

    Blossom Music Center

    Current line-up =
    Ian Gillan-vocals,
    Jon Lord-keyboards,
    Roger Glover-bass,
    Ian Paice-drums,
    Steve Morse-guitar.

    A believably good 75 minute set from one of the founders of British heavy metal. Straining a bit at times Gillan did come through on the high notes as if it was 30 years ago. The band duplicated its sound on every tune played. Highlights were "Woman from Tokyo" and "Highway Star."

    The set list:
    "Woman From Tokyo"
    "Ted The Mechanic"
    "Knocking At Your Back Door"
    "Pictures Of Home"
    "Perfect Strangers"
    "When A Blind Man Cries"
    "Smoke On The Water" with Steve Morse's medley intro.
    "Highway Star"

    Collective Soul

    The voice, the guitars, the riffs, the hooks, the sound, I can't help it, I like Collective Soul! From "Where the River Flows," to "Shine," the boys from Georgia gave their fans exactly what they came for. Having one of the better voices in rock today, lead singer Ed Roland demonstrated how to handle a band. Lead guitarist Ross Childress, rhythm guitarist Dean Roland, bassist Will Turpin, and drummer Shane Evans underscore Ed's ability to direct the band.

    The band performed their hits from five different cd's including "Boast" and "Why," from their newest, "Blender." They also played "Run" (featured in the hit film Varsity Blues), "December," "The World I Know," "Where the River Flows," "Precious Declaration,"and "Listen." Highlights of the evening were "Gel," "Heavy," "Needs," and the hidden track from "Dosage," "She Said."

    The show was as good as they get. The band was right on and they have to be glad to be back in Cleveland. I understand the pressures of life for a rock group; record companies, managers, sponsors, money, stardom, limos, acres of land, big houses, and fans who will stand out in the rain. So let's leave the moaning at home and try to enjoy what we have. The misunderstood rock star is an old story, that no one wants to hear about.

    The bands website.

    Trisha Yearwood

    Nautica Stage

    She broke into the charts only 10 years ago, but Trisha Yearwood has certainly established herself. Trisha's nine MCA Nashville albums to date include three Gold Record winners, four Platinum awardees, a Double Platinum seller and a Triple Platinum blockbuster. She won back-to-back CMA Awards as country's Female Vocalist of the Year in 1997 and 1998. During her decade in the spotlight she has been honored with three Grammy Awards. She has sung at the Academy Awards, the Olympics and the Library of Congress. This may explain the gathering of her fans on the west bank of the flats. Rising to their feet as Trisha took the stage, her fans seemed enchanted by Yearwood's presence. With the opening chords of, "She's in Love With the Boy," the fans began a sing along that lasted through the night. "XXX's and OOO's," "Thinkin' About You," and "Walk Away Joe," were the next favorites played. "Melancholy Blues," "Seven Year Ache," and "I Would Have Loved You Anyway," from the new cd, "Inside Out," were also performed. The encore included, John Mellencamp's, "Small Town," and Stevie Nick's,"Landslide." Highlights of the night: "Perfect Love," and "Wrong Side of Memphis."

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