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Columbia MO. Local Scene

The Blue Note Gives Equal Time To Quality Local, Regional & National Talent!

The Blue Note was started on Aug. 1,1980 at it's first location in what originally was a bakery by Richard King & Phil Costello, who thought they were going to get rich because of a lack of a music scene in Columbia. Costello departed in 1986 to pursue other musical interests and is currently head of promotions at Reprise.

In 1990 The Blue Note moved to its present location, which used to be an old vaudeville theatre originally called The Varsity. The capacity and atmosphere changed along with the better location, which allowed them to continue their mission and raise their goals of bringing the best live music to Columbia. From Sun Ra to Johnny Cash they wanted only the best to the best of the bizarre.

Uncle Tupelo was practically a monthly performer, REM played here before they went global and Chubby Checker nearly died on our stage (Phil booked that gig). Husker Du's last show was at the Blue Note and the Pixies used the new location to rehearse before the '91 tour that rocked!

All in all it's been a crazy 20 years and there are all kinds of stories - if you need more you'll just have to come down!

The Blue Note struggles relentlessly to provide equal stage time for everyone from aspiring local talent to nationally and internationally known touring acts. The Blue Note is definitely the "A++" Room in Columbia, MO!

SPACE 380 was founded on one main principle. Keep "music" the most important part of the music business!

They provide a wide range of services that anyone from the independently produced artist to the larger companies looking for a little extra support can benefit from. They remain passionately dedicated to their clients best interests while maintaining some good old fashioned business ethics!

From their website! "SPACE 380 is leading the music industry into the 21st Century by using new & innovative means of creating grass roots name recognition for our artists. We concentrate on radio stations that broadcast in real audio on the Net, exclusive Internet Only stations, and Undernet MP3 Channels. We are the ONLY company in the WORLD that promotes to THE UNDERNET which is comparable to what college radio was 20 years ago. As one can see, SPACE 380 works very hard for our clients...covering all the angles and getting as much exposure as possible.

We set very high standards on choosing which projects we work and we only promote those whom we believe in. SPACE 380 can make the difference between an average project with modest airplay and exposure, to an impressive marketing campaign with world wide exposure across the Internet. Accordingly, we only work with artists that deserve our full efforts." Check out SPACE 380's web site for more information on how they can help you take your music to the next level!

Since their humble beginnings recording U2 songs in 1988 The Follow has made chages in both style and line-up.

The band was started by Troy Rickertsen and Mat Matlack in 1988 and as they grew musically added Tom Carty on bass in 1991. With the addition of Carty, the band was able to record more and do more frequent live gigs.

After seeing them live at The Blue Note a friend offered to fund the recording of thier first albumn. Seveneverend was recorded in Moberly, MO and released in 1992.

In 1995 Carty left the band and Mat & Troy were back to square one. They went through as many bassists as Spinal Tap did drummers before seeing that the missing link was with them all the time. Amy Waldron, a long time friend that had since been doing road and tech work for them. Originally an accomplished flutist, with strong musical background, Amy picked up a bass one day at practice and showed them some songs she had learned. The Follow was back and about to be better than ever!

Amy laid the remaining bass tracks for their second album Origins which went on to get airplay on 229 radio stations nationwide during the Fall of 1997.

The Follow's anxiously awaited new recording, nowaitingplease, is a magical music blend of styles that creates real original ambience with undertones of many popular artists.

For those of you who have followed the Tony Chaos legacy, this Columbia 3 piece gets the Tony Chaos Seal of Approval. Come on out to The Blue Note, Friday, May 27th for a show you won't regret! And hey...tell 'em Tony Chaos sent ya!

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