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    Scott Henry

    As far back as our history books take us, there has been music. Different artists, different styles, and different talent... but the need for the presence of music has been profound. Even Frederick Neitchze was quoted saying, "Without music, life would be an error." So, whether or not I enjoy a specific genre of music, I always try to appreciate the talent, the love and the heart that was put behind it.

    On that note, I want to discuss a type of music that has been making it's way across the globe on hard-drives and amps, stereos and turntables. Washington, DC is often dubbed by journalists as the melting pot of this phenomenon and I feel Scott Henry could be named it's founding father in DC.

    Whether you just know it all as techno or dance, there are more types and genres than I can even begin to describe in this segment. Trance, Drum and Bass, Jungle, and House, Progressive or not, are kidnapping the cd players of many across the cities near and far.

    Being a guitar player and dating a musician, I have heard too many times that dj's aren't musicians or even measure in likeness to the talent found in a band. If they could watch Scott Henry hard at work one night from midnight to sunrise, I think they would change their mind.

    Scott Henry started in the 80s while in college at a small venue right outside of DC in Towson, Maryland. After doing raves and parties for years up and down the east coast, he partnered with another local dj and music store owner, Lieven, to start Buzz night at Nation in DC. Scott helped Nation to become the #1 club in the nation by LA's URB magazine in just five short years. From Deep Dish and The Chemical Brothers to Cypress Hill and Limp Bizkit, artists big and small have drawn thousands from all over the east coast to this newly remodelled club.

    "I drive about 45 miles every other Friday into DC for Buzz..." says Ian, who frequents the venue and is a huge fan of Scott Henry.

    In a 1999 interview Scott Henry was asked about releasing an album and his response was:

    "You will have the sound in you head and you know what sound you want, but to actually get the sound out of your machine... it has to almost be the only thing you do and you must be completely dedicated to it and personally I don't think I have the time to do that. But maybe one day!"

    On Friday, August 24 of this year, like most Fridays hundreds will carpool to Nation to see Scott Henry perform... but this time it will be for his CD Release Party! That one day is now for Scott Henry!!

    To find out more about Scott Henry, visit BuzzDC

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