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Houston TX. Local Scene

Are you into Juliana Hatfield or Lisa Loeb?... If you are, you should check out Annie Lin. Annie Lin although born in Taiwan and raised in California, has become Houston's own alternative folk singer. She is a regular at cafes and small clubs around Houston and Los Angeles, has played packed shows at clubs around town including Fitzgerald's, and appeared on Los Angeles and Houston radio stations. Annie Lin doesn't know the meaning of stage fright and prefers to close "the gap between performer and audience" which always makes for a great show. So, if you are in the Houston area and have a chance to check her out; without a doubt do so. Be sure to visit her site and download some of her tunes at, and tell her you saw her at!

New music by small bands, a beautiful day, and a ton of great cd's for great prices. What else could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

> As usual the KTRU Outdoor Festival was all of the above. Among the list of performing bands were Death Ray Davies, The Rondells, and Lozenge, among others. KTRU, for those of you who may not know, is Rice University's radio station and run by students and volunteers. The festival is a chance for local bands to get a bit of exposure, and a good reason for the station to get rid of excess cd's they have laying around, and a great excuse for an all around good time. All in all it makes for an entertaining weekend of discovering new music. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next one as it is something you will not want to miss.

To visit the KTRU website go

Haven't heard any good new bands from Texas lately? Well you should definitely check out Eden Automatic at a venue near you! Eden Automatic's strong dark sound is marked by the haunting vocals of Annette Conlon who has been singing in one place or another since the age of seven. Check out their unique sound created by The Reverend Chris Harris on bass, Doug Conlon on guitar, and Todd Dubuisson on Drums, along with aforementioned Annette Conlon on lead vocals.

Eden Automatic is the band to see if you are in Houston, Austin, or Dallas and can catch one of their dates. Their song "Laughing" appears on the film soundtrack for "A Rat's Tale", the band and it's members have gained much press, and have played many venues around Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado. To find out more about them and to download their songs or buy their CD (definitely worth picking up), hurry over to

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