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DEFTONES Deftones were meant to play at the Milton Keynes Bowl with Limp Bizkit on the 24th June but ended up doing a one off show in London when Fred Durst cancelled. (he had back ache something Chino played on throughout the show and took the piss chronically) They played Kentish Town Forum, a small venue compared to the last show they did in London in March where they sold out the Docklands Arena. Anyway support was from LOST PROPHETS, an amazing band who come from Wales. They are really good, and are one of those bands that keep you on the edge of your seat with the tension they build during their songs. They sometimes sound a bit like Incubus, just as creative with their sound and sometimes like Faith no More, being just as tuneful but mostly they sound like Lost Prophets, definitely a band to see live. They are so much better than the Papa Roaches and Linkin Park’s they are real, and their music is in no way as manufactured. They also have an album out called “The Fake Sound of Progress”, which is absolutely awesome.The chances are that you have heard the song “shinobi vs dragon ninja” at a club near you, if you live in London anyway.

OK so after that we were more than ready for some Deftones. They were all that we could want from an almost secret sold out gig at such a small venue, it was like old Deftones, years ago when they used to play the Garage and Astoria. The set list comprised of mostly older stuff-off Adrenalin and Around the fur with the classics Seven words, Bored, Around the fur, Lotion, and the rest, you know them, I don’t need to list them all. They opened with Head up which was a surprise since they normally close with that, they also played two songs off the new album, e.g. Change (in the house of flies). It was an amazing gig, Chino was hugely more chatty than normal joking about how you are only allowed to throw your panties on stage if your mom doesn’t still wash them for you. Near the end he decided it would be a good idea to climb across a thin piece of wall onto some stairs near the side of the stage, only to realise that it was impossible to get back without going through the crowd. Eventually he was escorted to the back of the venue and around the back to the stage. This was an amazing gig, all the fun antics reminded us of the fact that Deftones despite all their recent success can still rock when taken out of the Arenas that they now used to, it also showed that they are still having fun. This is a good thing, right? As always Deftones left every one feeling pleased and happy to have been so lucky as to have seen them twice in one year, and counting the days for the next Deftones-fix.
Up and coming gigs:

11th July OPM- Garage
27th MIOCENE (london post metallers) - London Mall ICA
28th July Goldfinger with KING PRAWN – Astoria


Bands worth seeing include Greenday, Rancid, Weezer, Vex Red, Rocket from the crypt, Lagwagon, Reel big fish, Snuff, Mad caddies, 28 days, Snapcase, Capdown, Linea 77 (italian nu-metallers), Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Queens of the Stone Age, SYSTEM OF A DOWN (their first UK show since 1999), Fear factory, (HED) planet earth, Staind, Hundred Reasons, and I think LOST PROPHETS too.

It should be a cool weekend, NOTE weekend tickets are sold out now but day tickets are still available.

EXTREME 2001: punk day eitther 26th Aug at Brixton Academy or 27th Nottingham Wollaton Park. Less than Jake, Ataris, Voodoo Glow Skulls, 311, Vandals, Pitchshifter, H20.


Tuesday- Beautiful people @ metros. Nu-metal, punk and whatever they want to play really. Cheaper entrance with Flyers/membership.

Thursday- Rockit @ the borderline. Metal, hip-hop, hardcore punk, some ska and other punk. Cheaper with Flyers/NUS card.

Adrenalin, has closed down again after almost a year. This means that the only big metal club on Friday nights is Full Tilt (Camden Town), with its mix of trance, industrial and gothic music downstairs and nu-metal, punk etc upstairs in the small room (very hot and sweaty). Asylum might open up to replace Adrenalin if we are lucky, since it was the best club london had with 4 rooms (metal, punk, classic rock). I will keep you informed.

Asylum might open up to replace Adrenalin if we are lucky, since it was the best club london had with 4 rooms (metal, punk, classic rock). I will keep you informed.

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