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Long Island N.Y. Local Scene

Three years later after declaring our “independence”, we keep improving upon our original mission: to promote the independent music scene here on Long Island.
And yes, there is a scene!

Caught in the shadow of NYC, Manhattan in particular, this antagonistic stretch of sand does produce some phenomenal original music. I know, I’ve seen and heard it first hand - have you?
So keep coming back here and see what's going on in the Long Island Alternative Music Scene - I'll keep you posted!

Well after a brief hiatus due to college finals we're back to bring you the best in Long Island local music. Here's the rest of the performers from the recent 4 Year Anniversary Party we had at the Wrong Way Inn.
Adding a little class to the party, we were honored by the indomitable Sonny Meadows, a local Long Island folk and blues legend.

Having developed an underground cult status among musicians and fans alike it's hard to imagine that this gentleman had takened a 21 year hiatus from our local music scene. How did we exist without him?!

Wielding an electric guitar and harmonica he was joined onstage by bassist Mark Loebl from Vitamin D and an additional acoustic guitarist (sorry - we lost the name!). Drawing material from his first cd "Devil Dancin' Down on Main Street" nd his latest cd "ibles, Guns & Flags" he both entertained and delighted the packed house with his topically orientated songs like the "Raid on Ft. Washington Armory" with his boozey-bluesy delivery a la Tom Waits (whom he is often favorably compared to). Truly a class act!

Following Sonny came another sensational solo performer by the name of Tony Hightower . Quite possibly one of the greatest singer/ songwriter/ troubadours to ever spring from the sands of Long Island! Brilliant, clever, with catchy lyrics that often star interesting characters, with a tendency to seem autobiographical in nature. His delivery and style can be angry and frenetic or warmly poetic like on a toast for leyna.

The man is a phenomenal performer who is equally enjoyable acoustic and solo as he was tonight or with his full band. Highlights were "Dina doesn't talk to boys", "Single angry word" and the A.I. staff favorite; the twistedly delightful country rendition of the Led Zep classic "Stariway to heaven", which even brought a smile to Atlantic Records exec Lou Plaia.

And true to tradition, as he always does at the WWI, Tony broke a string!

Closing the 4 Year Bash was none other than Long Island's best punk rock-n-roll band, the mighty Jones Crusher !
This powerful trio features the blistering guitar work of vocalist Sean Sanders, who is joined by Irish native Gary Keogh on bass and backing vocals and Danny Heltz on drums and vocals.

Playing an extra long set as compensation for playing so late into the night, the Crusher cranked out dozens of classic punk covers, older Crusher gems and brand spanking new tunes from the forthcoming cd.

The well done classic punk covers prompted the crowd into many a sing-a-long, and strangely enough so do some of the older Crusher original tunes like "Gone away" with the Ramonesque "heys".

The crowd responded well to the newest material, including "Naughty boy" and "Too fat to Rock n' Roll". Lead vocals by Keogh on "On the boulevard" also was a standout. The 'Crusher was definitely the band to close the event with their boisterous blend of punk rock n' roll and furious live performance.

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