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Los Angeles/Orange County CA.

Having arrived on Thursday for the annual rockabilly event, I couldn't believe how many people not only came for all 4 days, but where they all arrived from! I met great fans from England, Texas, Tennesee, and a guy who drove all the way from Calgary in Alberta, Canada! There aren't many places where rockabilly bands from around the world play live in one venue and all credit has to go to Tom Ingram and his staff!

My goal was to stay awake for England's Carlos and the Banditos. Not only does their look match their name, but it also matches their music! The album "A Fist Full of Carlos" can give you a clear hint that their sound a bit like the soundtrack of an Eastwood movie. Songs like "Tired Of What You Do To Me", "The Ballard Of Joe Ganlon" and "Excursion to Hell" could have come right from an Old West Movie from the 60s. The songs featured some great bass and rhythm guitar from Neil Scott and Ricky Cooper respectively. Their repertoire bounces from the above mentioned to classic rockabilly like "Say What You Want And Leave" and "Reputation". The only song that disappointed me off the CD was "One More For the Road". It seems the band was watching Austin Powers II and heard Lightning Seeds remake "You Showed Me" and basically took the rhythm and beat from that song w/o mentioning it in the credits. If you get a chance to compare, please email me with your opinion. This doesn't take anything away from their set plus five encores (or more-(it is 2:30 in the morning and I couldn't keep up so I left before they played until the wee hours).

On Friday, I made sure not to miss Marco Dimaggio in the downstairs lounge. The show was put on by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame (check out their link below). "It Doesn't Matter Any More" is one example that sounds great live as well as on CD. Before going back to Cali, I ran into a few of the boys from Blue Suede from SoCal who were soaking up the atmosphere before their set on Easter. They had been playing with their buddy Rip Carson as The Chain Gangdoing more do wop tunes than what Rip normally pulls out. If you haven't seen both of these bands, check out when they come near OC. Hully Gully in Downey is one of their favorite spots near our neck of the woods. Don't expect to see Rip playing The Roadhouse in Brea Canyon anytime soon. His now famous Tarzan swing from their wooden "chandelier" didn't go over well with management. Until next year.....

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