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We have created a temporary solution for bands to list their dates for all to see, at least until we get the data base we need for this task. Be sure that you also tell us what state this event is in, otherwise no one will know where you are playing, only that you are. Please be considerate of others and keep your listings brief and to the point, so that everyone has room to post. To post your dates go to the CALENDAR

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Please Note: Many of the reps pages are already active, and some are not. We will be activating and updating all the pages as the new site is buily and article copy comes in. Rome wasn't build in a day LOL, but RAM will be fully launched before this month is over... Thanks for all your support and patience.. and a HUGE THANKS to all our GREAT REPS!!! WHOO-YA!! and ROCK ON!!

NOTE: We are still looking for reps. Some of the reps on this page will be replaced and some are in fine standing. If there is a region here you would like to take over, write me.!!

Richmond and Surrounding Regions

*Atlanta, GA by Bill Clifford Active (but incomplete)

*Boston, MA by Susan Slater Active

*Charleston, SC by Heidi Decker Active (but incomplete)

*Charlotte, NC by Eric Cavanaugh Active (but incomplete)

*D.C., Washington by Christie Trent Active

*Long Island, NY - Alternative by Michael Ferrari Active (but incomplete)

*New York, NY - Loud by Eric Peltier Active

*Richmond, VA by Angela Hobbs Active

*Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA by Ryan Roach Active

Reps In Other Regions:

*Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX by Tommy Mann Active

*Boise, ID by Robert ParkerActive (but incomplete)

*Cleveland, OH by Kevin Conley Active

*Columbia, MO by Tony Chaos Active (but incomplete)

*Denver, CO by marc despalmes Active (but incomplete)

*Detroit, MI - Rock by christina anderson Active (but incomplete)

*Fresno, CA by Judy Arke

*Houston, TX by Simon Orth Active (but incomplete)

*Los Angeles (Orange County), CA by John Claycomb Active

*Milwaukee, WI by Ethan Keller *New Rep Coming Soon*

*New Orleans, LA by Thomas Gallagher *New Rep Coming Soon*

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